Time for Some Winter Action

Winter is almost here and many of us have already entered the ‘fan-only’ phase at night. Speaking of phases, the transition from summer to winter calls for a major wardrobe edit (of course). Trust me it’s never too early to get your fashion-essentials sorted.

Imagine winters suddenly come to say hello (especially if you’re a Karachite where the weather loves playing surprise games) and all you’ve got are last year’s outdated cardigans to take cover. Add an alumni get-together to the mix and you’ve got yourselves a fashion emergency right there!

Didn’t mean to scare you, just reigniting that urge to REVAMP. *wink*

FYI, #WinterAction by Ideas Pret has taken the noble initiative to bring the best of global trends, inspired from the runways, to the streets of Pakistan. Nothing’s out there that’s not in here!

The best part of #WinterAction 2021? Every style is as timeless as can be, so you can pull them off when summers say adieu next year and for a few more years to come.

But let me be very clear, layering is an art and you’ve got to know the basics of wearing the classics! Lagging behind in fashion is not an option, regardless of what weather it may be.

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